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Maniesh Paul Opines on People Defaming Bollywood

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death resulted in a serious defamation of Bollywood. Debates and heated discussions are doing rounds on the internet about the nepotism and favouritism that is in the industry. In addition, revelation of drug angle in this case led to the name calling of people. B-Town was accused of heavily consuming drugs and other substances. Now Maniesh Paul has come forth to share his thoughts on the same. The actor believes that these acts are absolutely disheartening. He also feels that people who don’t have close idea of the industry are talking crap about it.

Maniesh Paul shares his thoughts on Defaming Bollywood:


He was quoted as, “I feel a lot of people who have nothing to do with the industry are the people who are talking the most about the industry. The people who have not experiences, people who have no idea about what goes around in the industry are the people who are talking about most. So it is sad.” The actor has preferred staying away from such discussions but he expressed that the situation has turned quite nasty. He also spoke that people are badly misusing the freedom of speech. He also feels upset about the fact that people have made it a bad place which it is not.

Maniesh also shared that it is due to coronavirus people are sitting at home, doing nothing. Hence, they are passing judgements. He believes that people are needlessly exaggerating the topics and name-calling discussions. He also added, “For example we love our family, but if we get angry with them we don’t go and criticise them to this level or disown them. I come from a school of thought wherein I look for a solution for anything, be it any kind of adverse situation.”

The actor recently starred in a short film called Hichki.

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