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International Yoga Day | Kangana Ranaut Shares ‘The Most Inspiring Yoga Tale’ Of Her Sister Rangoli Chandel


On International Yoga Day, Kangana Ranaut stated that yoga assisted her sister, Rangoli Chandel, in recovering from the trauma of an acid assault.

International Yoga Day | Kangana Ranaut Shares 'The Most Amazing Yoga Tale' Of Her Sister Rangoli Chandel

A guy poured acid on Rangoli when she was 21 years old. Rangoli suffered third-degree burns and lost eyesight in one eye as a result of the attack. Rangoli’s emotional and physical rehabilitation improved once she began practicing yoga, Kangana added.

International Yoga Day – The Most Inspiring Yoga Tale

Kangana Ranaut uploaded photos of Rangoli during yoga practice on Instagram. Rangoli’s journey was dubbed ‘The Most Inspiring Yoga tale,’ and she told followers that yoga helped her open up after the attack and even recover her lost vision.’

“Rangoli has the most inspiring Yoga story; when she was only 21, a roadside Romeo threw acid on her, leaving her with third-degree burns, half of her face burned, one eye lost its vision, one ear melted away, and a breast severely damaged; she had to undergo 53 surgeries in 2-3 years, but that wasn’t all.

My main concern was her mental health because she had stopped speaking, and no matter what happened, she would just stare blankly at everything; she was engaged to an Air Force officer, and when he saw her face after the acid attack, he left and never returned; even then, she did not shed a tear or say anything; doctors told me she was in shock. They tried treatments and placed her on mental medicine, but nothing worked,” Kangana said.

International Yoga Day | Kangana Ranaut Shares 'The Most Amazing Yoga Tale' Of Her Sister Rangoli Chandel

“I started yoga with my instructor Surya Narayan when I was just 19 years old. I had no clue that it might heal patients with burns and psychiatric traumas. As well as retina transplant recovery and lost vision. I was eager for her to speak to me. So I brought her everywhere with me, including to my Yoga sessions.

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When she began practicing Yoga, I saw a significant change in her. She not only began to respond to her agony and my cheesy jokes, but she also regained eyesight in one eye. Did you give yoga a try yet? It is the answer to every query (misery) you will ever have” she put an end to her message.”

Yoga Helped Kangana Mother To Recover Heart Illness

Kangana further mentioned that yoga helped her mother recover heart illness. Her mother was advised by a doctor to have open-heart surgery, but Kangana chose to treat her mother with yoga. “I told mother with tears in my eyes give me two months of your life please. I can’t let them open your heart,” an excerpt from her Instagram post read.

“She trusted me and eventually I succeeded in my persistent pursuit. Today she has no meditation, no illness. She is the healthiest and fittest in the family,” she added.

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