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Big Bollywood Celebs Run Aahana Kumra’s Kitchen | Know How

There’s no denying the fact that small films also play a major role in our lives. With the upping of game of OTT platforms, viewers have easily made a shift from the theatres to these digital platforms. Aahana Kumar opined on the same. The actress also talked about the discrimination and partiality that happens with female actors and their roles in India. She pointed out that in Hindi films, not many characters and roles are devoted to women even today. The lack of attention to these issues obviously upsets the actress. She also added that her kitchen is being run due to big Bollywood celebs. Read further to know more.

Big Bollywood Celebs Run Aahana Kumra’s Kitchen | Know How:

Aahana Kumra

She said, “Filmmakers really need to pay attention to the kind of roles female actors are playing on the web. How many strong female parts in films could you recall in the recent past? I take immense pride in saying that I’ve never repeated a character. I see so many heroines in films who keep repeating the same roles, and I do understand that they can’t turn around and say no because it’s a film at the end of the day.”

“When it comes to us, there are mostly heroine and mother parts. And then, when they write a few films on sportswomen or female cops, they end up casting the same actress for three different sports films or cop dramas. I’ve always questioned this scarcity of parts for women.”

She questioned, “Why more such roles aren’t created?” However, the actress says that digital space is creating creating varied roles for women. She also said that filmmakers would continue to make films that audience would watch. She explained it further, “That’s because they’ve to recover their cost and make profit. If big films aren’t made then small films won’t get funded. So, in a way, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar run my kitchen. Because of them, other small films will be made and I’ll get some roles in them. I’m indebted to these big stars.”

The actress was last seen in the film Khuda Haafiz.

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