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Actor Rahul Sharma reveals his preference between Television & Films


Actor Rahul Sharma, who was last seen in the show Lukka Chuppi Aparna Dixit, says that he is looking for meaningful roles to play next. The actor adds that he wants to play a character in a realistic setup. Rahul Sharma reveals his preference. Read on to know about it in detail.

Rahul Sharma reveals his preference:

Rahul Sharma reveals his preference

“I am looking forward to playing different kinds of roles now. And, I am looking forward to playing a grey character. A character with a twist, a character which has a very strong presentation on the screen, like not only a lovey-dovey kind of a character. I want a story that is based on a real setup. I want to take up a realistic character who can be part of a good love story,” he says.   

The actor says that TV content has also evolved.  

“It is now in the process of experimenting and in those experiments, some are successful, some are failures… so yes, the TV industry is also evolving. It has not evolved completely as of now but it is evolving and I feel in the coming years, it will have a different set of concepts and shows,” he says. 

While selecting a role, for Rahul, creative satisfaction is a must.  

“For me, creative satisfaction is the primary thing and I feel it is the soul of everything. Like if you talk about television, the web, or films, if I am getting creative satisfaction then I will put that character as real and close as possible. You will feel like that character which you are seeing is very real. I feel that without creative satisfaction I will not be doing any kind of show on television or the web or any medium, so that is a must. I have been very clear about this since the beginning. Once or twice, I have faced the consequences when I took up something but then didn’t feel anything and I was very devastated that I am not feeling this character. I can’t do it anymore due to which I took this decision that whatever I do, I will only do it if I can feel the character,” he says. 

We asked him what is the difference he feels in working for TV, web series, and theatre, and Rahul said,  

“Television is a very different medium. It has so much drama in it. So, whenever you are doing any role, you have to put up that drama. This drama and overexpressing of things are sometimes needed. If I talk about the web, it is in very real space when you are not thinking too much about your dialogues getting paused or your positions. In short, I want to work on the web then I want to work in a real space.  

And if I talk about films, it is a larger-than-life medium. Films have a different kind of presentation altogether. If you talk about ads, in a very few seconds, you have to present everything, so even that is a different medium. If I talk about theatre, that is a completely different space and it is an audience-oriented medium. You interact with the audience and there is no closeup there. People are not even looking at you very closely so there you have a lot of possibilities of playing with gestures, loud body language, voice modulation, and a high pitch. It is about creating something on the stage and connecting with your audience.” 

Talking about his plans, Rahul says,  

“I am in a state where I don’t expect anything. Because I know whatever is coming is coming. And I am working hard for whatever I have on my plate. I just try to give my 100% to all my auditions or look tests and that’s my strength. Also, I am focusing on that only. I am not thinking too much about anything right now and I am not planning anything. Apart from acting, I am focusing on my YouTube channel.” 

So, this was all about Rahul Sharma reveals his preference. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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