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Actor & Comedian Kettan Singh says those not maintaining social-distancing are stupid


The COVID-19 cases in India have crossed the 10.4 million mark. And while the government is still advising everyone to take proper precautionary and safety measures, social-distancing is the most ignored protocol. Actor Kettan Singh says those not maintaining social-distancing are stupid.  

“It is stupid that people still don’t realize how important social-distancing is, despite so many warnings. This is the only thing that can defeat Coronavirus. I don’t know what are they thinking but I would like to publicly say that these people are really stupid to not maintain social distancing,” he said. 

He also feels that people are not that scared of Coronavirus now as they were earlier and added, “At least be cautious when you step out and take precautions that are needed. But right now, looking at the way people are stepping out, it feels that they just don’t care.” 

And what precautions is he taking? “I am doing the basics. Also, I always carry a sanitizer; I always have my mask on and I even carry an extra mask. Moreover, I always carry food and water from my home, and I carry two sanitizers one I keep in my pocket which is like a spray, and the other one is the normal dispenser sanitizer that I keep in my car. 

“If I have to go to a place and I see there are like seven to eight people, I don’t get out of my car, until and unless the person who has called me tells me that we are clear now and that I can come. Because I live with my mother, and she is above sixty, so I make sure I don’t go outside and carry the virus inside my house. So, I take little extra precautions,” he said. 

Kettan Singh says those not maintaining social-distancing are stupid:

Kettan Singh says those not maintaining social-distancing are stupid

The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the workload in every house because it is advisable to clean anything and everything that comes from outside. Kettan says he has always been a cleanliness freak and believes that it is a good chance. 

“I don’t know about others, but I am anyway a cleanliness freak. It is a good thing that people have realized this because many of my friends live so unhygienically. I don’t know how they are living in the current situation. I hope this positive change of cleanliness has affected them too. It’s high time that we all became cleanliness freaks,” he said. 

He feels that the audience’s taste has changed after being locked inside their houses for over three months and added, “I think the taste has changed with television channel going completely mythological now. People are watching mythology like anything. The stupidity that comes along with a different kind of content can also be seen in the desperation of the current shows to come back on-air. It has taken back the creativity they could have had.” 

He further added, “But I seriously cannot comment on the kind of content that is being churned out now, but the audience’s taste has changed. They might have got bored of watching the same thing from the past three months. I can’t watch a series because they have many parts and they are too slow. So, I prefer watching movies.” 

What are you doing to keep your mind at peace? “I work out, I sing and I also play guitar a lot. So working out and playing a lot of music and singing keeps me at peace,” Kettan concluded. 

So, this was all about Kettan Singh says those not maintaining social-distancing are stupid. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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