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Bruce Lee Biopic Lead Actor Revealed | Check Out Now

There will soon be a Bruce Lee biopic! Deadline reports that Ang Lee has been chosen to helm the epic film based on the eminent actor and martial artist. Bruce Lee, a 20th-century pop culture hero who appeared in films like Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon, is well known for his role in bridging the divide between East and West. In the upcoming biopic, Bruce Lee will be portrayed by none other than Ang Lee’s son, Mason Lee.

About Bruce Lee Biopic

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon filmmaker has been secretly working on the Bruce Lee biopic for quite some time. He has always intended to explore the making-of-a-legend story. Mason has been practicing throughout the lockdown for the past three years to portray the renowned martial artist in Asia, but this also includes getting him ready for battle.

Bruce Lee was praised for his unique accomplishments by director Ang Lee in a statement to Deadline about the eagerly anticipated biopic: 

The Academy Award-winning director continued. “I feel driven to share the story of this intelligent. Unusual human person who craved for belonging. With incredible power in a 135-pound-frame. Through persistent hard work, converted impossible goals into reality.

The biopic is being written by Foxcatcher and Capote author Dan Futterman. It is being produced by Lawrence Grey, Shannon Lee, Ang Lee, Ben Everard, and Brian Bell. Elizabeth Gabler is co-directing the movie with Marisa Paiva. In a statement she said: “A long-term passion project for Ang. Bruce Lee is an intensely emotional account of the victories and struggles of one of the most famous real-life action heroes of our time. We are all honored to work with Ang. His filmmaking crew to produce what we think will be a remarkable theatrical event here at Sony and 3000 Pictures.”

Do you anticipate seeing Mason Lee in the film about Bruce Lee?

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