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Bollywood at a halt – Grave loss for daily wage workers

The fatal virus Covid-19 has made the earth take a break. That break sounds okay to all the middle and upper-class people. However, what about the people who work on a day-to-day basis to fill their stomach. The workers who earn on daily wages are a lot in the entertainment industry. They are the people who keep the show running, the understated help of the film industry, shouldn’t be neglected at these crucial times. We all know health comes first, but if they don’t work, they won’t have food in their plates that day itself. The loss for daily wage workers is a concern that should be looked at first and foremost. 

Bollywood at a halt - Grave loss for daily wage workers
Grave loss for daily wage workers

Who is going to think about them? Who will help them in times like this? As per the meeting held by the IMPPA all the shootings in India, let it be film, television, or digital media, should come to a halt till 31st March. They even gave three days to pack-up and cumulate their work. Even the big-budget film like Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha has postponed its shoot. The people who are getting crushed in this situation are the ones who make a set run are junior-level technicians such as light boys, set workers, camera operators, sound assistants, spots who are compensated on a day-to-day basis. While the senior level technicians are paid a handsome amount, to continue their personal life on the right track while in quarantine. 

To solve this situation, a meeting was held by the Producers Guild to set up a relief fund. This relief fund will help those daily wage workers who are left without work until the outbreak is contained. Many top filmmakers and studios have already committed to donating to the relief fund.

A loss for daily wage workers relief fund:

Bollywood at a halt - Grave loss for daily wage workers

Other than the relief fund, the Federation of Western India Cine Employee has arranged funds to distribute rations and to cover the daily requirements of its members. Although the workers of the entertainment industry are still unaware of it. The privileged in the industry is doing everything possible to help the workers. They have come together united and many production and film-making houses have promised to donate to the relief funds. The loss for daily wage workers in the corona crisis might get controlled if everything is implemented soon and rightfully. 

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