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Gossip & NewsBollywood actress Kangana Ranaut strikes on Aamir Khan's religion Islam

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut strikes on Aamir Khan’s religion Islam

The Bollywood actress always surrounded by controversies. The actress has yet again made it to headlines. However, this time she has crossed all the limits. Kangana Ranaut strikes on Aamir Khan’s religion, Islam. The actress took it to her Twitter to teach Bollywood’s perfectionist actor about parenting. If the decision was mutually decided by the parents, Kangana doesn’t have a say in deciding the religion of other people’s children. 

Recently, the actor Aamir Khan has been in the news for visiting the first lady of Bahrain. Also, for supporting and standing up for his religion Islam publically. Finding it as an opportunity, actress Kangana Ranaut jumps in to get attention too. Aamir Khan has been copping criticism over meeting controversial Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wife Emine in Turkey. Back in India, Kangana Ranaut took it as a perfect opportunity to jump in the hate wagon for Islam. She found out an old interview of the actor Aamir Khan where he claimed that despite having a Hindu wife, his kids will only follow Islam. Excerpt from the 2012 interview posted on one portal tanqeed.com. 

Kangana Ranaut strikes on Aamir Khan’s religion Islam:

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut strikes on Aamir Khan's religion Islam

The interview was supposedly quoted as follows. In- “Did you face any religious dilemma while you were married to a Hindu lady Reena Dutta and later on to Kiran Rao?”; Aamir Khan – “No, none whatsoever. We never practiced each other’s religion neither did we force each other to do so. But, of course, I had made it very clear that my kids will always follow only the Islamic religion.” 

The actress Kangana Ranaut strikes on Aamir Khan’s religion Islam by sharing this old link on Twitter. She captions the post as, “Hindu + Muslim = Muslim. Yeh toh kattarpanthi hai, (This is radical) outcome of a marriage is not just a blend of genes and cultures but even religions. Bachchon ko Allah ki ebadat bhi seekhayein aur Shri Krishn ki Bhakti bhiyehi secularism hai na? (Teach kids to worship Allah and devotion to Lord Krishna⁦,” 


The actress has crossed the limits of invading someone’s personal life. She has also proven herself to be a hypocrite.  

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