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Bollywood actor & family diagnosed for Coronavirus

The latest casualty of the virus is a Bollywood actor and family diagnosed for coronavirus. The actor Purab Kohli announced on Tuesday that he and his family have got Covid-19 and are being treated for the same. The actor was known for his role in the TV series “Hip Hip Hurray.” He now lives in London with his wife Lucy Payton and children, Inaya (4) and Osian (1). 

Bollywood actor & family diagnosed for Coronavirus

Purab Kohli shared his health update on his official Instagram account. He wrote a lengthy post which confirmed that his daughter contracted mild Covid-19 first, which was a cough and cold for two days. Then, it was his wife to get infected and faced chest congestion due to the ‘cough symptom everyone has been talking about. 

Purab Kohli Actor & family diagnosed for Coronavirus:

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Hey guys, we’ve just had a flu and given our symptoms our GP says we were down with Covid 19. Pretty similar to a regular flu with a stronger cough and a feeling of breathlessness. Inaya got it first and very mild. A cough and a cold for two days. Then Lucy got it more in the chest, quite similar to the cough symptom everyone has been talking about. Then me, i got a solid cold for one day which was horrid then it vanished and this irritating cough set in for 3 days. Three of us had only mild 100-101 temperatures and fatigue. Osian got it last with a 104 fever for 3 nights. Also a runny nose and a slight cough. His fever disappeared only on his 5th day. We were constantly in touch with the GP on the phone. Apparently everyone in London is getting it and its rampant here, and a few people we know have gotten it. Just wanted to share it with you if it helps reduce the panic a little to know someone who has had it and is fine. On Wednesday last week we were out of self imposed quarantine and are not contagious any longer. We were doing 4 to 5 steams and salt water gargles a day, ginger haldi honey mixtures to sooth the throat really helped. Also warm water bottles on the chest really helped relax the chest. Hot baths helped the fluie feelings. And of course lots and lots of rest even now after two weeks we can feel our bodies still recovering. Please stay safe. I hope none of you get it but if you do, know that your body is strong enough to fight it. Seek proper advice from your doctors as intensity of each case is different as was in my household alone. And please stay home and rest the body as much as possible. Lots of love. #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #Recovery #DontPanic #Breathe #Calm

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The Rock-On! actor furthermore said, that he was third to get a horrid, solid cold for one day which vanished, and then an irritating cough set in for three days. Later, his son was the last one to get a 104-degree Celsius fever for three nights, a runny nose and slight cough, while the other three had only mild 100-101 degrees Celsius temperature and fatigue. He stated that Osian’s fever disappeared on the fifth day.  

Purab Kohli is 41 years old, and he even stated that he spoke to a general practitioner on call, and he said that they have contracted with Coronavirus. Although last week, the family came out of the voluntary quarantine, and are not contagious any longer. The actor further gave tips on what they did to recover from the flu in the post. The family is now better and doing well.  

Stay safe and use the right sanitization for effective protection against the lethal virus. Share your thoughts with us about Bollywood actor & family diagnosed for Coronavirus through the comment section below. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for the latest news and trends in the entertainment industry.