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Meet the man behind Jasmin Bhasin and Nishant Singh Malkhani’s social media accounts! | Here’s Chintan Pavlankar

Bigg Boss

For all of you who have been following actors Jasmin Bhasin and Nishant Singh Malkhani’s journeys on Bigg Boss through their social media accounts, it’s time to meet the man who makes it all possible! Digital marketing strategist, media enthusiast, brand consultant Chintan Pavlankar, who owns a digital marketing agency called WebRangers and manages close to 250 Bollywood and television artists, has managed many Bigg Boss clients in his career, with Jasmin and Nishant being the latest. He says that it’s a big deal for a client to trust someone else with their social media account. More so, if they are locked in the Bigg Boss house! 

“Bigg Boss isn’t an easy one! I’ll give you that. The fact that the client blindly trusts you with their visibility and approach to the audience outside the house is a big responsibility to take on. But we at WebRangers Entertainment are not ones to shy away from challenges! I’ve been working on Bigg Boss clients for many years now. Years of experience and narrowing down, what works and what doesn’t have worked in my favor. And with clients like Jasmin and Nishant, this season is just so much more exciting! I got nothing to complain about!” he says. 

Jasmin Bhasin and Nishant Singh Malkhani’s social media accounts:

Well, ask him what works on social media, and he says, “Social media trends come and go, but an evergreen trend that will never fade away is being real. Pretending to be someone else rarely works. The more real you are, the more your audience will appreciate it.” 

He adds, “In 2020, people live and breathe on the Internet and especially Instagram. We often find ourselves looking people up on Instagram, more so than google now. Having a strong social media presence has never been more important than now. You can make or break careers, one with the viral post!” 

But it is no hidden fact that with social media presence, comes trolling. Talking about the same, he says, “Being a celebrity with a fan following comes with a lot of responsibility. Hence celebrities should be cautious of what information they’re putting out there, to not hurt anyone’s sentiments. But trolling is a meaningless act that should be regulated and penalized as soon as possible. I feel that the Internet should be a safe space for everyone. Having said that, I do understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and trolling and negative comments will always be part of social media in some way or the other. Hence, I feel we should not give it much attention. It’s completely meaningless.” 

So, this was Chintan Pavlankar, the man behind Jasmin Bhasin and Nishant Singh Malkhani’s social media accounts. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates on Bigg Boss. 

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