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Know the reasons why we think Aly Goni to win Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss

Aly Goni’s entry in the reality show “Bigg Boss” created a lot of buzzes, especially because he was going inside the house to support his BFF Jasmin Bhasin. And as soon as he entered the show. He not only boosted Jasmin’s confidence but also made a cordial relationship with all the housemates. His entry not just brought in a positive vibe in the show. But also raised the entertainment quotient. Aly Goni to win Bigg Boss 14? No wonder his fans and “Bigg Boss” followers were quite upset when he had to come out of the show initially.  

And since the day he re-entered the house again, he has been giving his best. Be it any task given by “Bigg Boss”, or just normal house chores, Aly has never said no to anything and puts in all his efforts. He is not just one of the strongest contestants of the show. But also, a potential winner. So, with the finale just four weeks away, let’s have a look at six reasons why he deserves to lift the “Bigg Boss 14” trophy.  

Cooking: How cool is it to see men get behind the stove? Well, for Aly cooking has never been a job per se as he was always seen enjoying it. From helping someone in the kitchen with chopping to cooking veggies and parathas, he is setting an example for all those men who think the kitchen is only a woman’s place.  

Forgives and forgets: Even if Aly had a spat with anyone, he is not someone who holds grudges for anyone. He tries to mend things in his own sweet way even when he is not wrong. He might come across as a tough guy, but he is a very emotional and kind-hearted person, who lets go of things unlike some of the housemates who drag an issue.  

Aly Goni to win Bigg Boss 14:

Aly Goni to win Bigg Boss 14

Loyalty: Aly is the most loyal housemate in the ongoing season. While others might change their choices and priorities as per their convenience, he sticks to his people. But that doesn’t mean he will play foul during a task. If it is about supporting someone, he will support his friend, but if it is about playing against them, then also he will be loyal to his team. 

Priorities: Aly always had his priorities straight from day one. He came to the show for Jasmin, but he became good friends with Rahul Vaidya in no time. And he always said that they both are his priority. In fact, during the captaincy tasks, he went all out to support Rahul and also said that if Rahul is in the race, he will always support him.  

Let’s people fight their battle: Though he has been often criticized for this, Aly never interferes or gets involved in unnecessary arguments just for the sake of some footage. Be it Jasmin’s argument with Eijaz Khan or Rahul’s fight with Rubina Dilaik, he never comes in between, and when he does it will only be when someone else jumps in. He believes in letting people fight their own battle.  

For Jasmin: It was an emotional moment when Jasmin was evicted from the “Bigg Boss” house. His outbreak not just made the housemates cry but host Salman Khan was also in tears after that. He kept on saying that he will leave with her because he had come on the show for her. But Jasmin asked him to play well, give his best and win the show for her.  

Bonus: Be it Weekend Ka Vaar or Somvaar Ka Vaar, Aly has always taken Salman’s feedback positively. Not just that, in front of Salman. Aly speaks only when he is asked to and does not interrupt others in their conversation. Also, Aly has never tried to defend himself when Salman tells him if he has gone somewhere. And this is very rare, especially in this show.  

Don’t you think these are enough reasons for him to take home the “Bigg Boss” trophy? Tell us through the comments if you believe Aly Goni to win Bigg Boss 14. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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