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Jasmin Bhasin gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 | Bigg Boss 14 written update

Bigg Boss

After yesterday’s emotional talk between Jasmin Bhasin and her loving parents in BB 14 nobody was expecting this. In fact, most of the audience expected to see an improved side of Jasmin after she received some constructive criticism and advice from her father. Although she has had her ups and downs, Jasmin has always been a strong and entertaining contestant. Nobody expected Jasmin to be eliminated after all this. Jasmin Bhasin gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 14.  

Once things started getting more difficult in the Bigg Boss house, Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Rubina Dilaik, and Abhinav Shukla formed a group consisting of themselves so that they always had someone to rely on. Although there have been fights and arguments within the group, they have stayed close and tight throughout the show. During one of the episodes, Bigg Boss caught the four of them discussing who should be/might be eliminated next week. Bigg Boss didn’t take this too well and nominated all four of them as a punishment.  

This was already a big deal since they were some of the most popular contestants of the show and of course, since this is Bigg Boss, even the elimination had to be done in a dramatic fashion. They had designed a kind of grid on the garden area. There were squares leading up to the exit. Salman Khan called them out to the garden area and asked them all to stand in a line in front of this grid. They were given some time to hug and talk before the actual announcement began. 

Jasmin’s eviction: 

Salman instructed them all to freeze, then called out one of their names and told them to release. Once released, that contestant had to go one square ahead. This continued and went back and forth between the four which built up the suspense even higher. Finally, Abhinav and Jasmin were on the second last square, whoever’s name Salman would call out now would have to walk out of the house. Before Salman said anything, Jasmin said, “It’s okay if I get eliminated, I just don’t want Aly to get eliminated.”  

After taking a long pause, Salman said, “Jasmin…sorry baby.” Although he still hadn’t said release (which would’ve been the final word indicating that she is eliminated), Jasmin anticipated what would happen and asked if she should release. Hesitantly, Salman nodded.  

Keep in mind that Salman Khan has never cried during an elimination throughout his 10 years as a host of the show Bigg Boss. But, when he was announcing Jasmin’s name as the contestant being eliminated, his voice cracked as he was on the verge of tears. Soon enough he, along with all the other contestants, burst into tears as they said their final goodbyes to Jasmin. Salman allowed all the contestants to release and Aly ran into Jasmin’s arms immediately. He started crying like a baby along with Jasmin, none of them wanted this to happen. He couldn’t believe it, he kept saying no.  

Jasmin Bhasin gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 14:

Jasmin Bhasin gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 14

After a while, the crying got too much and Aly had an asthma attack. Jasmin helped him remove his blazer and calm down with a hug while Rahul Vaidya ran into the house to get Aly’s inhaler. Salman too told him multiple times to relax and breathe. “Aly, now that I’m going out, I want to see you play for the both of us and come out as a winner of the show. Play strong. Don’t let your anger come out. The other contestants know that your anger is your weakness so they will target you for it.  

Don’t let them get to you, control your anger. I will hit you a lot if you don’t come out as a winner. Rahul, please take care of my Aly. Play strong. I love you, Aly.” These were Jasmin’s last words to Aly before Salman said it’s time up and she should come out now. She quickly hugged and bid the others goodbye before she slowly walked out of the Bigg Boss house, smiling. This emotional moment is enough to prove how precious of a contestant she was in the house.  

Even after Jasmin was gone, Aly didn’t stop crying. Out of anger, he threw his water bottle into the swimming pool before he sat down and started crying again. Luckily, Rahul and Rubina were there with him to console and comfort him.  

Fans Reaction:

Once news got out of her elimination, her fans and many other celebrities went crazy on social media. Fans started trending #BringJasminBhasinBack which has got over 2 million tweets at the moment. Even celebrities, some ex-contestants like Kashmira Shah, Shefali Bagga, Bandagi Kalra, Shefali Jariwala. Have tweeted about Jasmin and how talented of an entertainer she is and how she shouldn’t have been the one eliminated.  

Regardless of everything that has happened, Jasmin’s legacy remains and she will be remembered as one of the best contestants on the show. So, this was all on Jasmin Bhasin gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 14. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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