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Bigg Boss OTT: Nishant and Moose Jattana tries to bully Zeeshan Khan

Bigg Boss

Male contestants on Bigg Boss OTT were given the option to replace their partner and choose non-paired member Divya Agarwal in the most recent episode. Instead of Divya, the female whose male companion pushes the buzzer will be nominated.

Bigg Boss OTT: Nishant and Moose Jattana tries to bully Zeeshan Khan

Zeeshan Khan, who had been paired with Urfi Javed on the show, chose to switch partners since he thought their bond was weakening. To have Divya as his link, he punched the buzzer. This did not sit well with Urfi, and she made a big deal about it in front of her housemates, Nishant Bhat and Moose Jattana.

Nishant, Moose, Urfi, and Zeeshan were assigned to the kitchen for the uninitiated. The battle now begins in the kitchen, where Zeeshan wanted to take a break after performing his chopping duties. While Zeeshan wanted to go to the gym, Nishant informs him that Moose is working harder in the kitchen and that he should be present as well. Moose thinks she should switch places with Zeeshan when it comes to cutting. Yes, they should, Zeeshan responds, because he believes she is doing less. This becomes a problem, and Nishant, Urfi, and Moose advise him to be more present in the kitchen.

Moose, Urfi, and Nishant, on the other hand, begin to harass Zeeshan by refusing to let him leave. Things heat up when Zeeshan declares that he has completed his job and is not refusing to work, but that he will return in a short time.

The trio informs him that he is not permitted to leave the kitchen while they are all preparing food. Captain Pratik is told by Zeeshan to look at how they are picking fights for no cause. Zeeshan counters by stating that he has done his share.

Later, Zeeshan was heard telling Divya that Pratik was aware that I completed my task. Moose poked them and said, “Isse aur kaam karwa.”

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