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BIGG BOSS 15 Exclusive! Karan Kundra And Umar Riaz Calls Nishant Bhatt Snake

Bigg Boss

Umar Riaz is one of the most powerful characters in the Bigg Boss house, with a large fan base who contributes to the show and provides a lot of content. We saw how the participants competed for the leadership challenge in yesterday’s show, and how Umar and Karan assisted Nishant in becoming the house captain. Read on more BIGG BOSS 15 Exclusive here.

BIGG BOSS 15 Exclusive! Karan Kundra And Umar Riaz Calls Nishant Bhatt Snake

Nishant had promised all of his supporters that he would protect them from nominations, but he had betrayed them all. He nominated eight candidates. They include Vishal, Shmaita, Karan, Umar, Miesha, Ishaan, Simba, and Afsana, with the special power given to him by Bigg Boss.

After the nominations, Umar screamed at Nishant, telling him that what he did was unjust. He claimed that Karan and he supported him and appointed him captain of the house. But in return, he deceived on them and nominated them when he had vowed to save them.

Umar even informed him that the justification he gave for breaking the house rules was unfair. Pratik was the one who broke the glass, removed the door lock, and broke all the regulations in yesterday’s captaincy duty. He was spared by Umar and Karan. He refers to him as a snake that has bitten them from behind, and he has played the game deftly.

No one expected Nishant to choose Karan above Jay. Nishant had always stated that Jay would be his priority. What changed Nishant’s mind at the last moment is still unknown. Nishant’s move has undoubtedly upset Karan and Umar, but they also recognize that he is simply playing the game.

It will be intriguing to observe whether Nishant and Karan’s friendship will endure or not. Let us know what you believe will happen in the next episode in the comments section below.

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