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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: Shiv, Stan, Nimrit & Archana's Family...

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: Shiv, Stan, Nimrit & Archana’s Family Makes A Visit

Bollywood Hush is back with an explosive piece of entertainment news, keeping our promise to offer some unique information from the worlds of Bollywood, OTT, and television. We have always been at the forefront of providing our readers with exclusive news and gossip from the entertainment industry. Today Bollywood Hush is back with another exclusive news. This Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar will have inmates’ family members visiting.

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 16 has kept viewers engrossed in the show, and we have kept you informed of the latest developments. To keep the show entertaining, the producers are doing everything possible. Salman Khan criticized Archana, Shalin, and Priyanka last week for fighting without cause, and Vikas ultimately decided to leave the programme because of low ratings.

We recently reported that Shalin and Tina’s mothers would be showing up, along with Sreejita De’s fiancé. The most recent information we have is that the mothers of Shiv and MC Stan, Nimrit’s father, and Archana’s brother will all be appearing on the show.

The housemates barely made any ration in the previous episode, so “Bigg Boss” gives the nominated candidates a wonderful opportunity to declare themselves safe from the looming sword of eviction as well as to make ration for themselves. In tonight’s challenge, other nominated competitors have a chance to save themselves from eviction at the expense of food, continuing the week of luck.

Watching the family appear on the programme and discuss the situation will be interesting.


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