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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16 Update : MC Stan Gets Violent

Bigg Boss 16 Update : MC Stan Gets Violent

Bigg Boss 16 Update: Bigg Boss 16’s latest action-packed episode came to an end yesterday night. As was already said, the episode’s high points occurred during the captaincy task, where everyone appeared to be giving it their all to win the position. As a result of our reporting, Abdu Rozik was appointed as the most recent captain of the house.

The greater incident occurred when Archana Gautam and MC Stan started fighting, though. This fight started out looking like any other, but as it progressed, it became far more intense than was anticipated. The degree of Gautam’s comments against Stan and his response to her behavior went beyond any reasonable bounds.

Now, as evidenced by the precap, it appears like Stan’s rage is out of control and that he would even leave the performance if it meant committing some kind of violent act. On his end, Stan will is unstoppable when it comes to kicking furniture, and when Sajid Khan even suggests that if he wants to leave the show, he should just slap the person, indicating that he should leave.

Bigg Boss seems to have had enough after these activities. He was seen ordering everyone to stand in the garden area and reprimanding both Stan and Gautam. We will have to wait and see what this means for their appearance on the show.

On a lighter note, Rozik and Shiv Thakare were seen performing a comedy in the precap. The former assumed the role of a submissive belle.

Watch this space for more Bigg Boss 16 Update.


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