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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16, Shukravaar Ka Vaar: Will MC Stan Leave The Show

Bigg Boss 16, Shukravaar Ka Vaar: Will MC Stan Leave The Show

At the beginning of the Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode, Sajid Khan explains to Tina Datta and MC Stan that leaving the house will be beneficial for them in several ways. According to Sreejita De, Shalin Bhanot, and Tina Datta, are full of unfavorable energy. They are narcissists, says Soundarya. Salman Khan engages the crowd by ordering everyone to stand behind the couch while he criticizes Tina for stealing the names of her pals Zuzu and Dolly. He wonders why she pronounces their names in an accusatory and threatening manner rather than a nostalgic one. He wonders what’s bothering her after she begins to cry. She is asked to go to the confessional.

She expresses her loneliness and the fact that she can only speak to Shalin. As this is Bigg Boss, he tells her that she must play alone and asks her to take a position. Tina says Shalin and she isn’t getting close romantically. She acknowledges that it isn’t depicted that way and makes a commitment to change. Tina retracts her use of her pals’ names. Host Salman then criticizes Sajid’s “mandli” for following his lead, particularly since he isn’t interested in taking home the prize.

Bigg Boss 16, Shukravaar Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Asks MC Stan To Leave

Salman tells Stan that they won’t stop him from leaving if that’s what he wants to do. Stan claims that he has strange thoughts and that staying home is depressing. He receives a package from his lover and is persuaded to remain back by the inmates and the inmates’ arguments. Salman introduces Vikas Manaktala as a wildcard entry. He claims that because he is a group, he doesn’t wish to belong to one. Durga and Chaaru’s cast takes the stage to promote their shows. Vikas comes inside and begins to play. Salman thinks highly of him. Sajid reminds all the women that Vikas is married.

According to Priyanka, she didn’t make advances. Ankit is also unable. He gets teased by Sreejita for being possessive.

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