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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16 Eviction: Vikkas Manaktala Says Makers Favours Archana Gautam

Bigg Boss 16 Eviction: Vikkas Manaktala Says Makers Favours Archana Gautam

Vikkas Manaktala has been in the television industry for a while, but his presence in Bigg Boss 16 catapulted him to fame. The actor was hoping for a lengthier stay in the house when he entered the contentious reality competition hosted by Salman Khan as a wild-card candidate. Vikkas had the nomination sword hovering over his head all the while and had to leave Bigg Boss 16 last week. He talked about the altercation in which Archana Gautam claimed that he is “infertile” during an interview following the elimination. The brawl received a lot of attention on social media as well. Here’s what Vikas said about his Bigg Boss 16 Eviction.

Vikas On Bigg Boss 16 Eviction

Do you feel defeated after losing?

“I don’t feel discouraged, but the journey would have been better and more pleasurable if it had been a little longer. Even though I am a little surprised, I am nevertheless glad because I have lived in the house exclusively since whatever was written for me. I simply consider what is best to move forward in life, not what should be left behind.”

Do you believe your strategy put the other competitors in danger?

“100%. Since the first week, they kept referring to me as the “strongest player.” They ought to have only eliminated me then. I was a wild card entry, the other participants knew I had an advantage because I had seen everything from the outside. I was constantly nominated. They continued nominating me week after week because they were afraid of my candor and bravery.”

Social media was flooded with posts about Archana and your altercation. Why do you suppose she wasn’t reprimanded privately?

“Yes. I believe the producers have a bias against Archana Gautam. When someone else is disciplined, it happens in public. However, Archana attended a private school. I believe is improper and results from bias against the other contenders. She always gets away by acting like a puppy and apologizing. It was a biased attempt to protect her. No one stepped in when she and I got into a fight.”

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