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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16 Eviction: Gautam Vig gets evicted

Bigg Boss 16 Eviction: Gautam Vig gets evicted

Bigg Boss 16 Eviction: Bigg Boss 16’s “Weekend Ka Vaar” ended with a lot of drama and fun. Salman Khan, the host, opened his hard-hitting “vaar” by criticizing the competitors for their behavior over the previous week. Gautam Singh Vig was kicked from the show by host Salman Khan after blasting out several reality checks. Everyone believed Salman Khan was joking, so when Gautam left the house, the other residents were taken aback.

Bigg Boss 16 Eviction: Gautam Vig Gets Evicted

Gautam Singh Vig quickly made a name for himself on the show, surpassing Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to become the second captain of the house. As a captain, Gautam did an excellent job of managing all of the house-related duties. The romance between Gautam and Soundarya Sharma generated a lot of buzz inside the “Bigg Boss 16” house. The couple has contended with allegations that their relationship is fictitious and that Gautam is exploiting Soundarya for his gain. Despite this, the two kept encouraging one another and grew stronger. When Gautam decided to prioritize becoming the captain over the needs of all the housemates, chaos ensued. The housemates then had a huge outburst and participated in an unusual book hartal in front of the others.

Gautam later expressed regret for his mistake. Soundarya recently decided to try Gautam’s love. Gautam was not pleased and became distant from Soundarya as a result. He engaged in rounds of intense debate with Shalin Bhanot, who served as his adversary for a considerable amount of time, several times throughout his time in the house. Gautam had to leave the program because of the audience’s lack of support and his decreased participation in the house from the previous week.

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