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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16, Day 80, Written Updates

Bigg Boss 16, Day 80, Written Updates

Bigg Boss 16, Day 80: The most anticipated assignment of the week on Bigg Boss 16 has always been the nomination challenge. For this period, the activity area is transformed into the set of “Mughal-E-Azam,” and Sajid Khan is reminded of his film Housefull 2 by this wonderful setting. The competitors must write down the names of two inmates they wish to recommend, and the bricks they are standing behind will cover the wall. She was astonished by MC Stan’s selection of Tina Datta for the challenge.

He begs her not to be alarmed, telling her that he feels hurt by the way she approached him and spoke to him. He also mentions how she twists his words, using the example of her criticizing Shalin yet being faithful to him. Shalin becomes enraged by this and engages Stan in conversation. Stan questions Shalin’s involvement; Tina calls him a fake and claims he is hiding behind his jewelry and claims she never expected him to do this to her out of anyone. He warns Tina not to be dramatic and says, “Jewelry pe mat ja tera Ghar jaayega.” Stan cautions Shalin not to use his mother as foul words during their disagreement.

Bigg Boss 16, Day 80: Tina And Stan’s Argument

Things turn ugly when the two engage physically but their pals intervene.

Tina expresses to Shalin her displeasure with Stan’s constant use of threats. As Priyanka is accused of lacking originality, Sumbul and her got into an altercation during the nominations. Also mentioned by Stan is his inability to comprehend Priyanka and Ankit’s opposition to their relationship. Later, during the battle, Archana imitates Tina. The majority of them wanted to nominate the pair, according to Ankit and Priyanka. Bigg Boss reprimands Soundarya and Sreejita for tampering with the buzzer. Siv and Nimrit miss Abdu. Soundarya selected Stan and Sreejita to serve as her co-captains in the previous episode.

Stan was allowed to actively nominate someone on this particular day. He chose Tina, who was the primary driver behind today’s fight.

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