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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16, Day 66, Written Update

Bigg Boss 16, Day 66, Written Update

Bigg Boss 16, Day 66: The contestants awaken to the sound of sirens in today’s Bigg Boss 16 episode (day 66) and rush to the garden area where they enthusiastically sing the BB Anthem. After that, Shalin Bhanot asks Sumbul Touqueer about breakfast, but she keeps her distance from him and doesn’t reply. Additionally, Bigg Boss advises them how to complete the captaincy task and that it is now time to make an announcement.

The roommates aim to avoid getting their clothes damaged while trying to outdo each other in the garment race by getting their clothes ruined. In the end, the challenge will be won by the competitor with the cleanest garments. Shalin and Tina Datta begin the task by destroying Sumbul Touqueer’s clothing. Shalin replies that he is simply taking part in the mission to win the trophy when Sumbul asks whether he is worried for her.

But when Sumbul is revealed to be of a different race, she becomes enraged and tells Shalin that he should first find the confidence to play for himself before engaging in Tina’s fights. However, Priyanka Choudhary informs Ankit Gupta that the game has begun and that they are now rivals.

The fans will also see Shiv Thakare breaking down for the first time. The contestants have become heavy in their hearts and are itching to express themselves, Bigg Boss said as he ordered the crew to assemble in the living room. When summoned, Bigg Boss allowed them to enter the confessional and express their feelings.

Who will succeed the current BB King or Queen?

Will it be Priyanka, Ankit, or Tina?

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