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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16 Captain : Abdu Rozik is the new captain of...

Bigg Boss 16 Captain : Abdu Rozik is the new captain of the house

One of the most watched reality shows and a top performer for the channel is Bigg Boss 16. Regarding recent developments, we were the first to disclose exclusively how Shiv, Nimrit, Stan, and Abdu are exempt from nomination.

The exciting captaincy duty is currently underway, and the most recent information has Abdu Rozik as the new captain of the house. Stan Nimrit Abdu and Priyanka competed for the captaincy this week; if sources are to be believed, Abdu won the position once more.

As seen in the ad, the challenge will put everyone in action mode, and Priyanka Choudhary is one of the roommates who is willing to leave.

The woman and Sajid Khan, who will be in charge of the work and be seen arguing since the latter appears to have made up the rules, will be seen.

Additionally, Gautam will once more reveal her true character as she and MC Stan will argue bitterly about housework. She will point out that Stan isn’t sweeping and is still present because of his fandom, but Stan won’t be paying much attention to her.

In the same episode og Bigg Boss 16, Priyanka argued with Nimrit that no one ever inquired about her favorite foods after she complained to Shiv about it. She encouraged housemates to gather everyone’s preferences before making the meal. Nimrit was furious. She said, “I don’t bother to convey my preferences before the food is prepared since I am too busy with makeup.” Sajid complimented Nimrit and expressed his appreciation for her.


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