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Bigg BossBigg Boss 16 - Ankit Gupta's one liner's becomes the star of...

Bigg Boss 16 – Ankit Gupta’s one liner’s becomes the star of the week!

Bollywood Hush is busy keeping its avid reader updated about the latest and most controversial season of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss. The sixteenth season of Bigg Boss is finally here and it is making the viewers go gaga. This year, the fans have gotten to see many varied personalities and dramatic contestants. However, the one that stood out from all is the actor Ankit Gupta. The Udaariyaan fame Ankit Gupta has become popular for being silent most of the time. However, this week he stole the show with his one-liners in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

The actor has proven himself as mature and smart for his presence of mind. He knows what to speak and when in the show. Therefore, this increases the value of his words. Ankit has won the hearts of the audience with his one-liners. Fans of the actor have showered tremendous love on social media. Every post and picture on the internet is talking about Ankit Gupta’s one-liners in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 16:

Sharing an instance, during the ration task when Nimrit Ahluwalia had to rate the contestants for their presence and value in the Bigg Boss house from 1 to 10, Ankit stole the entire task with his few words. Even though Nimrit had ranked Ankit last in this task, he managed to get all the attention. While the rest of the housemates were fighting and arguing he remained calm and chose his words and time.

The actor instantly received applause from the entire house for his iconic one-liner. He told everyone how the others should be ashamed of themselves because despite maintaining his composure, he managed to reach here, getting nominated only once! The superstar host Salman Khan pointed out this one-liner and told the housemates to be careful instead of taking it jokingly as Ankit is right.

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