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Bollywood TV ShowsBigg BossBigg Boss 15 Nasty Fights: Abhijit Bichukale addresses Devoleena Bhattacharjee as biwi...

Bigg Boss 15 Nasty Fights: Abhijit Bichukale addresses Devoleena Bhattacharjee as biwi again

In Bigg Boss 15, Abhijit Bichukale and Devoleena Bhattacharjee have been making headlines. Abhijit seemed to have fallen in love with Devoleena. Despite the fact that the latter has no affections for him, the two have been on excellent terms for a long time. Devoleena forgave him despite the recent kiss controversy. Devoleena has no doubts about Abhijit’s motives and believes he is a wonderful person. As a result, she is unconcerned by his pranks. However, she recently challenged him about his physical behavior and persistent flirting, expressing her dissatisfaction. Read on to know the details of Bigg Boss 15 Nasty Fights.

Bigg Boss 15 Nasty Fights: Abhijit Bichukale addresses Devoleena Bhattacharjee as biwi again

Abhijit had retorted that she didn’t love him because he was married. He went on to say that she is in love with Pratik Sehajpal. Inside the house, Devoleena, who is close to Pratik, rejected Abhijit’s charges. Devoleena got into a heated dispute with Bichukale over the Ticket To Finale challenge in the most recent show.

Bigg Boss accidentally spilled the beans to Abhijit, Karan, Umar, Teja, and Rashami, revealing that they were preparing to cancel the mission. Devo had a niggling suspicion, but she refused to think Abhijit would betray her. When she found out that Abhijit had been part of the scheme all along, she lost it and screamed at him, calling him Kutta and worse. Nobody expected Devoleena to bring up the subject of Bichukale during their dispute, therefore everyone was surprised.

The next day, after the heated argument, it was time for the elimination task. Bichukale was asked to sit within the box and count to 28 minutes in the second round. The rest of the roommates had to divert his attention away from him. Karan tried to provoke him by threatening to rip up his box of Bichukale and Sons. It worked, and Abhijit became irritated as a result. 

Bichukale initially sought assistance from Rakhi. Rakhi Sawant, on the other hand, was occupied with a conversation with Umar. When Abhijit noticed Devoleena standing there, he said, “Kaisi biwi hai re tu?” because she had not come to his defense. Abhijit is now jokingly addressing Devo as his biwi. It elicited no response from the actress. Tejasswi Prakash did, however, remind Abhijit that Devo is not his wife and that he should cease referring her as such.

Watch this space for more Bigg Boss 15 Nasty Fights update.

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