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Bollywood TV ShowsBigg BossBigg Boss 15 Exclusive: Ritesh Singh Bigg Boss strategy revealed

Bigg Boss 15 Exclusive: Ritesh Singh Bigg Boss strategy revealed

Ritesh Singh was recently evicted from Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15 house. He recently spoke exclusively with Pinkvilla about his eviction, Rakhi Sawant, and much more. Ritesh claims that he didn’t expect to win Bigg Boss 15 but hoped to stay for a long period. “But that didn’t happen, and my eviction was a little upsetting for me,” said Ritesh.

Bigg Boss 15 Exclusive: Ritesh Singh Bigg Boss Strategy Revealed

Bigg Boss 15 Exclusive: Ritesh Singh Bigg Boss strategy revealed

Speaking about his eviction, Ritesh continued, “As far as I can tell, I did well. So it was a shock for me, but once I walked out, I saw that the vote bank had been diverted owing to Rakhi, and she and my fight had gone against me. That’s how I didn’t acquire Rakhi’s vote bank, and that’s how I ended up.” He claims that being nasty to Rakhi Sawant on television was part of his strategy. “I’ve already seen one love angle between Karan (Kundrra) and Teja (Tejasswi Prakash), and I need to do something fresh,” Ritesh says.

“So I choose to battle with Rakhi, and then I’ll build two groups, one to support me and the other to oppose me. That’s how I’ll play it, and then in the final week, I’ll yield to Rakhi, and everyone will see my romantic side. That was my strategy, but I guess people didn’t like it because they didn’t vote for me,” he adds. Before entering the house, he acknowledges that he hadn’t discussed this tactic with Rakhi.

Meanwhile, little was known about him since Rakhi announced their marriage, and no image of him was ever published. So, what made him want to be a part of Bigg Boss 15? “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.” On November 25th, I had just returned from Belgium for Rakhi’s birthday. As soon as I arrived, we learned that she had received a Bigg Boss offer. As a birthday present, she invited me to join her on the show. I consented because I was in Mumbai. People have been saying for the past two years that Rakhi is lying and that she hasn’t married. But it didn’t sit well with me, so I decided to go for it,” he says.

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