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TV ShowsBarrister Babu - Today's episode highlights

Barrister Babu – Today’s episode highlights

Barrister Babu is one of the women empowerments show that tries to bring awareness about the history of the orthodoxy of Indian society where the struggles of women were life-threatening.  

The serial revolves around the life of Boudhita a 10-year-old whose mom is a widow due to which she has to stay with her mother and sister at her maternal uncle’s house who is a cruel man who decided to sell Boudhita to a man older than her grandfather. The protagonist of the show is Anirudh who is intellectual, kind and smart and have just come back from London after completing his studies, he accidentally gets a letter written by Boudhita to her future husband whom she doesn’t know yet, asking him tough questions related to the inequality in the society, to which Anirudh gets intrigued after reading her letter and decides to write one back to her. Amidst all this chaos Anirudh is also facing a clash of views between his father and him and in a fight, later his father asks him to leave the home. 

In today’s episode, we will see Anirudh attending Boudhita’s wedding where she is drugged and unconscious and is being forced to get married to an old man, seeing this Anirudh, a strong-headed young man decides to raise his voice against this horrific act and by which the supposed to be husband old husband of Boudhita dies of a heart attack. The society blames Boudhita for this and decides to make her ‘Sati’, Anirudh opposes this and they ask who are you to stand up for her, in a reply to this Anirudh gets married to Boudhita.  

Now, Anirudh who already loves someone from when he was a child, is stuck between love and responsibility, here are some sneak-peak videos and highlights of today’s episode posted on Colors official social media handle: 

Stay tuned to BollywoodHush and ColorsTV to know what happens next.