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Avika Gor elated to have Nagarjuna at the launch of her debut production ‘Popcorn’

With Uyyala Jampala, Avika Gor made her Telugu cinema debut in 2013. Actor Nagarjuna, a veteran, produced the film. Avika says she was glad to work with him early in her career since it gave her the opportunity to learn a lot and establish herself in the field.

Since then, I’ve known him, and our relationship has been incredible. He’s been fantastic, and I’m grateful to have known him for such a long time. It’s undoubtedly a blessing when a senior, knowledgeable someone tries to aid in your development. It’s gorgeous,” she exclaims.

At the unveiling of Popcorn, the teaser for Avika’s debut film, Nagarjuna also attended. The most excellent present he could have given me was simply his presence. Before I could discuss the movie or offer him any other information, all I said was, “I want you to be there and it’s my first production,” and he responded, “Okay I will be there, anything for you.” That, I believe, will live with me always. Previously, I didn’t think that he was one of the kindest people, but now I do. His character and his kindness have left me speechless. Therefore, it was a fantastic experience.

The actors keep running into one another pretty frequently. “I often visit him for the Diwali performances, and he hosts Big Boss Telugu. I frequently show up for the occasions on his TV station. We therefore frequently cross paths and have grown very fond of one another. Therefore, we simply go and meet each other wherever we know we will be filming. Our relationship is wonderful.” She says.

Avika Gor:

Avika is a big fan of the actor and has watched many of his movies. The actor said it was tough for her to pick a favourite Nagarjuna movie when questioned. “I genuinely can’t pick just one. I adore a huge number of his movies. He makes such a lovely actor. I truly hope and wish that we see more of him in the upcoming version and sequels of Brahmastra, the most recent movie that people have been raving about. I adore him and I adored his performance in the movie. Also, He is a real-life legend, and people look up to people like him for inspiration. He is without a doubt one of those individuals who drove me to accomplish more and follow my passion. Also, He has always treated me with kindness and respect, therefore he is well-informed about my personal and professional life. He continues to listen to me and always gets excited when I do. I adore that,” the Ballika Vadhu actor beams.

The nicest thing about Nagarjuna, in Avika’s opinion, is that he is incredibly grounded and practises gratitude constantly.

“He always treats people with respect and is a very modest individual. I would want to emulate so many of his traits in my own life. I’m eager to get to know him more, learn from him, and spend more time with him. He never fails to make me feel incredibly unique and helps me understand how crucial it is to practise thankfulness. It’s uncommon, yet he always makes me feel significant in the room. He gives others a sense of security and superiority. People like him encourage us in a lovely and unconditional way, blessing us with their support. His thoughtfulness is something that I will cherish always.” Avika Gor concludes.

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