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Anupamaa Written Update: Vanraj yells at Adhik angrily

Anupamaa Written Update: Adhik is yelled at by Vanraj, who becomes jealous of Pakhi and accuses him of pushing his daughter. Adhik wouldn’t do that, claims Anupama. Ankush advises them to communicate civilly. Ankush advises Vanraj to learn how to talk calmly as it would be helpful as he is still shouting. Anuj intervenes as Vanraj and Ankush engage in physical contact, asking Adhik if he pushed Pakhi.
Adhik tells Vanraj what truly happened after Vanraj has explained what he witnessed, but the former doesn’t believe the latter. Barkha advises them to communicate civilly. Anuj once more intervenes to stop Ankush and Vanraj from fighting. Adhik claims that he did not harm Pakhi and that he would never consider acting in such a way because he adores her so deeply.

Vanraj is the one who abandoned his daughter, and his son-in-law took care of him, so why is he questioning Adhik’s morals when he was the one? Anupama says he’s not resolving the matter; instead, he’s stoking the flames between them.

Anupamaa Written Update: Vanraj Warns Adhik

Adhik is told by Vanraj that he will only allow Pakhi to be close to him if he makes her happy, and then Vanraj turns and leaves. When Ashok begins to sob, Barkha and Ankush take him to a room. Anupama and Anuj are concerned for one another. Anupama is concerned for Anuj’s well-being. After involving her father, Kavya asks Pakhi if she’s pleased. When Vanraj gets back home, Pakhi lets her know that she responded angrily to Adhik. Kinjal wonders why she didn’t mention this earlier. Baa claims Pakhi made a mistake this time. Adhik and Pakhi cry because they miss one another. Pakhi asks Anuj why he wanted to meet her when they first meet the following day.

Anuj clarifies that he is speaking to her as a friend and asks if she didn’t want her family to know about her prior relationship with Adhik due to their reaction. He then queries why she is currently involving them in disputes.

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