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TV ShowsAnupamaa Written Update: Shah family Shifts To Kapadiya Mansion

Anupamaa Written Update: Shah family Shifts To Kapadiya Mansion

Anupamaa Written Update: The Star Plus series “Anupamaa” is becoming increasingly captivating with each new installment. The current storyline of the program is about Anupamaa, who struggles to balance her duties as Pakhi and Anu’s mother. Anuj made it quite obvious that he wanted Anupamaa to give Choti Anu more attention so that she wouldn’t feel forgotten.

Anupamaa Written Update

Kinjal departs for Mumbai in the following episodes to attend a business conference. Also departing for a job interview in Delhi are Vanraj and Kavya. If they move to Delhi, Kavya thinks her relationship with Vanraj might get better. After having a lengthy talk, Kinjal tells Kavya she will miss her.

While Leela assures Kinjal that she will look after Pari, Kinjal tells Baa that she will leave Pari at her mother’s house.

Adhik lets Anu know that he won’t be divorcing Pakhi. He is advised by Anu to consider all options before making a choice. Choti Anu wears a beautiful dress made by Anu. Kinjal advises Leela to call Anupamaa if Pari causes her any difficulty.

As Pari’s condition worsens through the night, Toshu becomes anxious. Anuj receives a call from Bapuji informing him that Pari’s health is not good and instructing him to pick up Anu at Shah’s place. When Anu and Anuj arrive at the Shah residence, Anu looks after Pari. Choti Anu calls out their names while searching for Anuj and Anu. She is looked after by Barkha, Ankush, Adhik, and Dimple, who also call Anuj. Anuj is startled and requests that Anu leave. Anupama is stopped by Leela. Anuj departs to visit Anu’s choti. Hugging Anuj, Choti Anu queries about Anupama. She is consoled by Anuj.

In addition, the Kapadiya mansion is where Leela, Samar, Toshu, and Bapuji end up. Anuj requests that Anu put her daughter first in everything she does. She is stuck, as Anu discovers.

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