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Anupamaa Written Update: Differences Between Anupama and Anuj Continues?

Anupamaa Written Update: Given the controversy surrounding the Shah family, Anupama and Anuj are experiencing some difficulties. The episode begins with Leela realizing her mistake and wishing to apologize to Anupama. Later on, Samar and a colleague begin to question Dimpy’s motives.

Dheeraj is now probing Anuj and Anupama further about their romance, asking the latter when she realized she loved him. Just then, she receives a call from the Shah family. It becomes a little awkward, but Anuj appears disappointed, so she chooses not to answer the call, which helps to make Anuj feel a little more at ease.

While Samar and Dimpy argue about the latter’s intentions, Leela confronts Vanraj about why he is allowing them to loiter about. Later, Dimpy and Samar discuss it, and Samar admits that he does like her after all. Dimpy then urges her not to be hurt.

Anuj’s friend asks him whether he ever found himself another best friend, and as it turns out, there’s more going on inside his head than he cares to admit. As a result, Anuj emphasizes how Anupama used to be his best friend, but things changed after marriage. She suffers from this, as she would.

One might be surprised that Anupama and Anuj haven’t already fought with everything going on in the Shah family. Both have to cope with everything. However, one can want things to improve because fans are aware that MaAn always manages to find a bright side to anything that happens in their lives.

Watch this space for more Anupamaa Written Update.


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