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Anupamaa Written Update: Anupamaa gets late for the performance

Anupamaa Written Update: The Star Plus series “Anupamaa” is becoming increasingly captivating with each new installment. The focus of the current episode is Anuj’s request that Anupamaa makes Choti Anu her priority by being at her side always. Anupamaa repeatedly finds herself caught between Pari and Choti Anu. Anupamaa and Choti Anu had been getting ready to perform at the school function. They have practiced and are prepared for the occasion.

Anupamaa Written Update

Anupamaa and everyone else prepares for the event in subsequent episodes. Leela explains that she must take care of Pari therefore she is unable to attend. They haven’t prepared any food, according to Dimple, even though a post-event meal outing was arranged. Leela claims she will succeed. Anu promises to prepare something for her right away.

Anu predicts that Leela would become ill and says that she will prepare food, despite Barkha’s assurance that she will order something for Baa.

Ankush and Barkha talk about the problem and say that Leela won’t allow Anupama to arrive on time. Anu hastily prepares meals and is hurt while hurrying out of the house. Baa instructs her to wait before spraying the wound. Anuj arrives at the school event and becomes irritated when he discovers that Anu hasn’t. She informs him that she is leaving when he calls her. To give Anupamaa time to arrive, Anuj takes control of the stage and does stand-up comedy.

As Pari’s health declines, Baa stops Anu. Anu pauses and tends to Pari. Choti Anu sobs as she longs to triumph in the contest. Additionally, Anu arrives late but begs for permission from the audience to perform. Anupamaa and Anu attempted the dance but failed to succeed. Anupamaa makes an effort to persuade Choti Anu that success shouldn’t always be the main objective. Anuj becomes irate at Anu.

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