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Anupamaa Written Update : Anu & Anuj Patch-up

Anupamaa Written Update: Anupamaa, a Star Plus program, is well-liked by viewers. The current plot of the drama is about Anuj, who is hurting Anupamaa accidentally because of his disappointment in her. Dheeraj, a friend from Anuj’s youth, posted a post. Dheeraj learned about the problems Anu and Anuj are having with their relationships during a chat. Anuj is advised by Dheeraj to let go and stop feeding his ego.

The faults Dheeraj made in his relationship are described to Anuj in forthcoming episodes, warning him not to make the same ones. He encourages him to visit Anupamaa again. Longing to meet Anuj, Anu. Anuj rushes over and hugs her. When he awakens from the dream, he finds Anu dozing off while holding his photo. He cries and falls asleep next to her.

Vanraj worries that Toshu may get into problems at the Shah home by making a deal for a contested property. Toshu removes cash from Kinjal’s desk drawer for professional use. The photographer compliments Kavya once the photo shoot is finished.

Anuj gets ready for work at the Kapadiya home, but Dheeraj encourages him to forgo leaving and instead arrange a short vacation for the group. Devika welcomes everyone as she enters. Dheeraj and Devika have a great friendship. Anu is coerced into coming up with a strategy by Devika and Dheeraj.

Anupamaa would dance for Anuj in subsequent episodes to bribe him. He storms out, leaving Anu discouraged. Anuj makes a strong performance in his return. Anupama and Anuj reconcile at last.

Watch this space for more Anupamaa Written Update.


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