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MoviesAnil Singh praises Ranvir Shorey's role in the upcoming Midday Meeal movie

Anil Singh praises Ranvir Shorey’s role in the upcoming Midday Meeal movie

Another Bollywood movie is here to leave the audience inspired and thrilled. Ranvir Shorey’s upcoming Midday Meeal movie is all set to amaze the audience with its exceptional storyline. The makers of the movie recently dropped its poster. They have promised to leave the viewers with a lot of emotions and a strong message. 

Talking about the film, Anil Singh says, “I am very excited and happy that the movie is finally releasing soon. The movie has indeed gone through a lot of planning and plotting. My main aim for the movie was to give something very interesting to the audience with a major twist but with a strong message. And I hope that the audience will accept this movie and take that strong message back with them.”

Midday Meeal movie:

Anil Singh praises Ranvir Shorey's role in the upcoming Midday Meeal movie

He further talks about Ranvir’s work in the movie. He adds, “Ranvir Shorey has done an excellent job on it. His character will amaze you as well. The poster is something which I am really in love with because, indeed it sends out some of the other strong messages indirectly, which will reach you through big screens, so just “stay tuned”The movie is presented by Chandel films, the movie is helmed, and produced by Anil Singh Chandel, whereas the screenplay is given by Rohit A Chandwaskar. 

So, this was all about the Midday Meeal movie. Tell us, what your thoughts are on the story above. You can drop your views with us through the comment section. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood News Updates. 

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