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Gossip & NewsAngad Hasija says film industry has more struggles than television

Angad Hasija says film industry has more struggles than television

Angad Hasija, popularly known for his character as Aalekh in “Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai”, feels there is more struggle in films as compared to TV. He says it takes time to be recognized in Bollywood. Angad further adds, the film industry has more struggles than television. 

“I feel there is more struggle in films as compared to serials. If your show is a hit and later for some time if you don’t have any shows, it will still work for you because you get a lot of events and your fan following becomes strong, but in films, it takes time to be at some level,” he said. He also mentioned that the line between TV to Bollywood is blurring now, but it was not the case earlier.  

“There was a time when it was difficult for TV actors to make it to Bollywood. They used to categorize them as tv actors but now it’s changed. Many Bollywood actors are doing TV and vice-versa. But yes, if you are starting from TV to Bollywood you would be called a beginner only because you haven’t done films before. I just got to know that Netflix is not taking TV actors. But many of my friends are doing films now and there is no difference between TV and Bollywood,” he said.  

Angad has been part of shows like “Phulwa,” “Amrit Manthan” “Dilli Wali Thakur Girls” and “Waaris” to name a few. He said as an actor it’s essential to be experimental and mentioned that he is choosy when it comes to picking up a role.  

The film industry has more struggles than television:

Angad Hasija says film industry has more struggles than television

He said, “I have been very choosy because I feel that whatever shows I do every role should be different from the previous one.  Even now I try to do different roles. The experiment is important for an actor but some people become choosy, some people have to that role because of survival.” 

Asked if he thinks TV actors are typecast easily, he said, “Earlier, if you played a villain, the audience would only want to see you as a villain, even the channel people thought the same. But that has changed now, even the channels want to see you in different roles.  I played a villain in ‘Waaris’ and then a hero in my web series. The characters were very different from each other, so now people don’t typecast you.” 

Angad, who belongs to a business class family, says because of the insecurities in this line, he even advises his friends to have a side business to keep the income flowing.  

“There are many actors who are dependent on acting financially and that’s the reason now actors are facing problems. I always suggest my friends have an alternate business. Moreover, I belong to a business family, and touchwood I didn’t face any financial problem. I have a construction and interior business as well, and I love doing interiors, it is my passion and I have kept my passion alive,” he concluded.  

On the work front, Angad has made his Punjabi debut with a TV show called “Tera Rang Chadeya“. So, this was Angad Hasija’s take on the film industry has more struggles than television. Tell us what are your thoughts through the comments below. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.