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Akarsh Khurana Talks About Virtual Stage and Iranian Art

With the upliftment of coronavirus cases, cinema halls and theatres have been shut. The silence in the halls have not stopped Akarsh Khurana and team from creating art. The famous and extremely talented director shared that with the rise and popularity of Online Formats, everyone is trying to change, shift and adapt to the new normal. The director is famous for plays like Damages and All About Women. His latest play, as a director is “Timeloss”. The play is based on an Iranian story and written by famous Amir Reza Koohestani.

Akarsh Khurana talks about Online Formats:

Akarsh said, “We (his production) have been busy since the beginning of the lockdown. Besides regular content on our Instagram profile, we already did two productions. First, Bubble, an interesting play on Zoom, way before that was a common thing. And then, we did a recorded version of Love, Bombs and Apples by Hassan Abdulrazzak, which was a series of monologues.”

Talking about the core substance of the play Timeloss, he said, “I saw a recording of the original. I was quite taken by it.”

He added, “I wanted to do it. I read up what I could about Timeloss, its prequel Dancing on Glasses, and the playwright. And while the story behind the play was very inspiring, I just wanted to tell the story that the play told, of a fractured relationship.”

Akarsh Khurana also appreciated the Iranian Art and said that it teaches about liberty to tell stories and respect content along with audience. He was quoted as, “I think what we can learn is to value the liberty we have to tell stories, and hence respect the content and the audience more. As opposed to taking any of it for granted. The tales of cultural uprisings and performing against the law and the odds are inspirational examples of the triumph of the human spirit. Makes one sit up and take notice of both the power and the impact of art.”

The director is inspiring by his keen eye for art. Share your views about the same through the comments section below.

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