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Ajooni Serial Update: Shikha To Die?

Ajooni Serial Update: The episode starts with Aman’s sobbing as he admits to Ajooni that Harvinder is correct. She cannot replace Shikha in his life. According to Ajooni, she must alter herself if she wants to win Harvinder’s affection. On the other hand, Shikha tells herself that Ajooni is to blame for her ending up in the servant’s room and that she needs to take action. Harsh calls Shikha and berates her for remaining at the Bagga house after becoming exposed as well. She informs him that since they are unrelated, he shouldn’t have called her. She tells him not to call her again, promises to do what she wants to do, and then hangs up. He promises himself that he will kill her because she dumped him.

Ajooni prepares clothing and cosmetics for Aman. She tests the fit by donning one outfit. Rajveer is enthralled by her. He kisses her shoulder as he places the clothing in its proper position. When they are about to kiss, Bebe’s voice cuts them off. She rushes to use the restroom. According to him, Bebe ruined the romance.

Ajooni eventually gives Aman a makeover. Aman promises to don different clothing. Ajooni praises her and predicts that Harvinder would concur. They exit the space. When Ravinder notices Aman, he wonders what the drama is about and whose idea it is. Ajooni informs him that it was her idea.

He commends her for the concept and requests that she also present Harman with suggestions of this nature. He tells Aman to keep in mind that she is now the head of the household and that she can only do this for Harvinder before leaving.

Shikha and Chamko argue about Chamko calling her a dog. She is told to rest on the floor. After turning malkin, Shikha threatens to kick her out of the house. Chamko makes fun of her. Shikha drifts off to sleep, but Chamko wakes her up. She believes that Chamko won’t be spared.

Watch this space for more Ajooni Serial Update.


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