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MoviesBollywood MoviesAdhyayan Suman says a big producer hasn't answered him in 9 years

Adhyayan Suman says a big producer hasn’t answered him in 9 years

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death has left the Bollywood with heated arguments on Nepotism, Favoritism and Insider-Outsider debates. The celebs are voicing their views about what kind of struggles they have faced. With these on-going loud discussions and whispers, Adhyayan Suman has come forth to share his opinions. Son of Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan says, he has also faced struggles even when he is, as they call, an Insider.

Adhyayan Suman shares his struggle:

Keeping the person un-named, he says, “I met this big producer-director who’s in this controversy right now. I wanted to work with him, he used to make careers. It’s been nine years, he hasn’t picked up my calls. I met him in Los Angeles, and was very scared to walk up to him, thinking I haven’t done well in my life, what if he doesn’t talk to me or give me his number. My friend said, ‘Just go and say hi’. I said to him ‘I just want to come and meet you’. My point was at least meet me, hear me out, don’t shut the door on my face.”

He further says, “Nine goddamn years, he never answered. He reads my messages, but doesn’t reply. That frustration built, and started getting into a negative thing ‘Maybe I’m not good enough’ or ‘maybe not good enough for him’. Then I thought that maybe I’m good, just not successful, that’s why the calls weren’t answered.”

The 32-year old actor recalls some sick incidents and shares, “This casting woman I used to go to, she ghumaoed me for so many years. She’s a big name. I never got any work, but once they called me, spoke about my teeth, nose, hair. I said ‘Hold your horses. I’m an actor, talk about what you want me to perform first. Six pack abs kar lenge. Can I get the scene you want me to audition?’ I never got that opportunity.”

The actor has worked in movies such as Raaz-The Mystery Continues and Jashn.

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