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Bollywood LifestyleAdaa Khan reveals her special connection with the late Rajesh Khanna

Adaa Khan reveals her special connection with the late Rajesh Khanna

Adaa Khan, who will shortly star in “Naagin 6,” has always called Bandra home. She revealed that she had a special bond with the late actor because she frequently crossed the street in front of Rajesh Khanna’s mansion, Aashirwad.

She says, “I watched every Rajesh Khanna movie with my folks, the woman remarked. The movies “Aradhana,” “Safar,” and “Anand” are his favourites. My father is a major fan. He assured me that they never missed one of his movies and always went to the theatre the day it was released. For them, it was always a first-day event. O mere dil ke chain is one of his favourite songs, and I still play Rajesh Khanna music for him. He is still remembered through his films since he was the first and only superstar we have ever seen.”

Adaa Khan:

“Ashirwad, his house, always made me think of the song “Zindagi ka Safar.” No matter how many times I passed it until it was sold. My parents were such big fans of Rajesh Khanna. So, I feel like I have a special bond with him,” she continued.

Adaa Khan thinks Rajesh Khanna should be remembered for the numerous remarkable performances he left behind rather than for his rise and fall during his lifetime. She continued, “People used to kiss his car. Success and failure might fade, but what remains is the work one accomplishes during their time on earth. I firmly feel that only those events in Rajesh Khanna’s life should be remembered. At the time, I don’t believe anyone had accomplished that accomplishment.”

So, this was all about the Indian television actress Adaa Khan talking about the late legendary actor Rajesh Khanna. Watch this space Bollywood News Updates at Bollywood Hush for more updates on your favourite films, celebrities, gossip, and TV shows.

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