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MoviesActress Sayani Gupta's film Axone to target racism in India

Actress Sayani Gupta’s film Axone to target racism in India

 The actress Sayani Gupta is the one with bold looks and bold personality. She is the one to speak her mind and stand up for what’s right. Now, she has decided to work in a film titled Axone to target racism in India. The actress even addressed the issue of the bullying the north-east citizens had to face the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. As their appearances are similar to the Chinese, they are being bullied and harassed by the other citizens of India.  

Axone to target racism in India:

Actress Sayani Gupta's film Axone to target racism in India

These people who don’t have any connection to China or the virus are being treated as punching bags. The fact that even they are as much of Indian citizens as the others are being forgotten by the narrow-minded people. These dis-heartening cases have emerged much more than before during the Corona crisis. The actress Sayani Gupta has taken the matter into her hands and have decided to educate these orthodox people in her way. Her next film Axone to target racism in India and will spread the required awareness through the plot. 

Sayani also stated the fact that there is literally no film that portrays the racism in India against the North-Easterns. Racism is such a burning issue right now, that as per her it is important to open the blind eyes of people on the age-old racism in our country. The film is directed by Nicholas Kharkongor. Axone was premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and had made its Indian debut at the Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) last year. Now it will be released on Netflix for a wider reach on June 12.  

In the film, Sayani plays a 23-year-old Nepali girl from Manipur. It is based on a bittersweet satire that follows immigrants in Delhi. These people are trying to organize a wedding party, but soon everything goes wrong. The script is written by Nicholas himself, and it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions says, Sayani Gupta.  

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