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Gossip & NewsActress Aarvika Gupta on Bold & sexy content of OTT platforms

Actress Aarvika Gupta on Bold & sexy content of OTT platforms

The OTT platforms are free of censorship and thus the content on the web is bolder as compared to TV or films. However, actress Aarvika Gupta feels that it won’t be encouraged now as people want to watch good content with a message. Aarvika Gupta on bold & sexy content shares her perspective. 

“It is said that as an actor you should do all types of acting whether it is bold or extremely bold, it is part of your job but I don’t believe in this. The life of bold content has come to end and now people will work on good content like message-based stories, horror, thriller there are many more genres in which we can work. I don’t think that one project works only because the content is based on boldness,” she said.  

The “Tera Kya Hoga Alia” actress feels that the Internet should have control over the content and there should be a limit to bold content shown. She further added, “Some people need to work on content, there should be a limitation. They think the audience wants to see bold content, but they are mistaken because it is not necessary that what you will show is what audiences want to see. If we have two films with good content and bold content, the audiences prefer to see good stories that can entertain them or connects them emotionally. Today content, detailing, direction, performance is all that matters.” 

Aarvika Gupta on Bold & sexy content:

Actress Aarvika Gupta on Bold & sexy content of OTT platforms

She also mentioned that she is against doing bold scenes on-screen. But if the story is good and the character demands it, she will do it. She said, “If the content is good then I will do it. Till the time I am not satisfied with the story and the people with whom I will work. I can’t what kind of stories I will work on. But, for me, content is important, how strong and important my role is. And how much I can explore myself, I would like to work on those kinds of projects.”; As an audience, Aarvika, who has been a part of “Sacred Games”; loves to watch a thriller, suspense, and science fiction on the web. She is looking forward to work on more web shows where she can explore herself more.  

“I want to work in web series on good OTT platforms. Where I can get a chance to explore myself performance-wise. I am waiting for the right opportunity. As I am in talks with some web series, hopefully, something will work out soon,” she said. 

So, this was Aarvika Gupta on bold & sexy content of OTT platforms. Share with us your take on the topic above through the comments. Keep coming back to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates on your favorite celebrities.