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Gossip & NewsActor Sanjay Gandhi says Godfathers shouldn't cheat

Actor Sanjay Gandhi says Godfathers shouldn’t cheat

Versatile actor Sanjay Gandhi always speaks his mind out. Godfathers shouldn’t cheat says actor Sanjay. After expressing his views against the government’s rule on actors above 65 to not resume shoot because of the COVID situation, he has now opened up on the audition procedure, especially in regards to senior actors, and also on loyalty by both producers and actors.  

The “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” actor feels that people should call senior actors only if they are confirmed for a role, they shouldn’t put them through the humiliating process of auditions. 

“I am not happy with the casting process. I want the industry to stop auditioning senior actors and insulting them by not casting them. Once I was called for an audition of a particular role, there was another actor, a popular senior actor with some great work to his credit, who was also there. We started talking and realized both were called for the same role. Though I was selected, imagine how the other actor would have felt.” 

Furthermore, “You should consider their age a bit, and if you want to choose someone, go through their previous work. Call them for a role only when you trust them and their work, don’t humiliate them by calling them for an audition and then not casting them. It’s so disrespectful. But yes, if you are doing a biopic or a historical film, you can call them because then you need to match their look-alike, but otherwise please don’t make them go through it,” he said.   

Sanjay on Godfathers shouldn’t cheat:

Actor Sanjay Gandhi says Godfathers shouldn't cheat

Sanjay also mentioned that loyalty has gone missing from the industry. Especially when it comes to actors who are given a break and a launch by producers, and also by producers in some way. He asserted that it should be both ways and they should stand by each other. 

“I have seen a lot of actors, who don’t know the meaning of loyalty. Once they are famous and successful, they don’t even look towards the people who gave them a break. You don’t know how someone becomes a producer, how he arranges the money. You don’t know how he invests it in a film or TV show. Without a guarantee of whether it will work or not. And that takes a lot of courage. If you don’t understand the producer’s pain, the producer won’t understand yours.”  

He adds, “Similarly, even the producers need to be loyal to their actors and technicians. They should pay them on time and should treat them well too. Because if a producer wants to become a godfather. They need to understand that godfather never cheats, they stand rock solid with their team no matter what the situation is. So please be loyal to one another,” Sanjay signed off hoping that his voice will be heard. These changes will be considered.  

So, this was actor Sanjay Gandhi on godfathers shouldn’t cheat. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.