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TV ShowsActor Paresh Bhatt shares insights into the television serial Anupamaa

Actor Paresh Bhatt shares insights into the television serial Anupamaa

Paresh Bhatt is currently seen as Sanjay Patel in Rajan Shahi’s “Anupamaa“; He calls the producer inspiration and says he enjoyed watching his shows even as an audience. Paresh Bhatt shares insights into television serial Anupamaa. 

“I always wanted to work with Rajanji. Had heard a lot of good things about him, his production, his way of working, his treatment to his team, and of course about the great shows he makes, even from his rival producers. He is a very cool, genuine, easy-going, down-to-earth, pleasant person and his commitment and dedication to his work are amazing. He is an inspiration and even as a viewer I loved to watch his work. I am lucky that I finally got to work with him,” he said.  

He went on to praise Rajan’s Director’s Kut Productions (DKP) and said that the atmosphere on the set is very cool and calm and they make everyone feel at home.  

“After working with many different productions, I can say DKP is one of the best production houses. Just like Rajanji his team is also very cool, supportive, easy to work with, and at the same time very professional and dedicated. Surprisingly the onset atmosphere is always very cool and calm. And I must say it’s very difficult to achieve under the pressure of making episodes on time. For this the entire direction and technical and production team deserve applause. And particularly for this show, I would say the entire cast is also a big reason to feel like being at home. All the actors have become like a real family in quite a short period,” he said.  

Paresh Bhatt on television serial Anupamaa:

Actor Paresh Bhatt shares insights into the television serial Anupamaa

Talking about his role as Sanjay, he said, “I liked the concept of the show and when I auditioned for Sanjay, I just started to adore him as it’s such a lovely character, it’s quite realistic, very positive, emotional, mature but always smiling and fun-loving. It’s always great to play such characters.” The actor admitted that he connects a lot with his on-screen character and said, “It has become easier for me to execute the thought process of the character because I connect to him so much. It makes it easier for me to ‘act between the lines.”  

Anupamaa” has been loved by the audience since its debut on the small screen. The show revolves around a woman who has forgotten herself for her family. Parish said that inside every maa, there is an Anupamaa and that’s why people connect with the show so easily.  

“Inside every maa, there’s an Anupamaa. I don’t think there can be any human who won’t relate to this concept. Anupamaas are there in every home, but usually, we never feel their real condition and pain. This show would surely make everyone understand one’s mother as a person, and the sacrifices she makes. I think this concept is the biggest reason for the success of this show,” Paresh signed off. 

So, this was all about the television serial Anupamaa. Tell us your thoughts through the comments below. Keep coming back to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.