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Gossip & NewsActor Anuj Sachdeva uses his platform to bring justice to a stray...

Actor Anuj Sachdeva uses his platform to bring justice to a stray dog

Indian Actor Anuj Sachdeva recently took a stand for a stray dog. The actor couldn’t help himself but come forward and confront the man who ran over a star dog in Mumbai. As soon as Anuj brought this incident to attention on the internet it went viral. The netizens are condemning the man who did this. Anuj has also been getting a lot of praise and is being lauded for his kindness.  

For the unversed, recently at Harmony mall in Mumbai, the actor saw a car drive over a stray dog while parking. The family didn’t look back to check if the dog was hurt or even alive. They just ran into the mall because they wanted to see a movie. It is heartbreaking to think that things like this happen even in a city like Mumbai where there are NGOs for stray animals on every corner.  

Actor Anuj Sachdeva:

Anuj then helped the dog sit aside so no one else runs him over. He also waited for three hours for the family to come back so that he could confront the driver. Moreover, despite searching all over Mumbai, Anuj couldn’t find a single vet available to help save the dog.  

If you weren’t already furious about the driver’s actions, wait till you hear his excuse. When asked why he did this, he claimed it wasn’t even his fault. He said, “I haven’t made any mistake, I didn’t run over the dog on purpose. The dog came in front of the car and wasn’t moving away when I honked.” 

Taking it to his official Instagram handle the actor shared, “This guy who drove his car over the face of the sleeping stray dog. Did not even look back to check if the dog is alive because for him and his family watching the movie was more important. The blood is everywhere in the parking lot and even in his car. Such scums should be held responsible for such heinous crimes.” 

So, this was all about the actor Anuj Sachdeva. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood Life News.