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TV ShowsActor Abhinandan Jindal raises concerns on Makeup-Dada & Crew always wearing PPE...

Actor Abhinandan Jindal raises concerns on Makeup-Dada & Crew always wearing PPE kits

Shooting during a pandemic is not an easy feat, says actor Abhinandan Jindal, who says that life has become very tough now. The actor, who is currently seen in the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, says that regular checks are kept on set. Actor Abhinandan Jindal raises concerns. 

“Life has become more disciplined now. Every day there is a check of your temperature and oxygen level. The spot boys and the makeup people are doing their best to maintain everything on set. I feel bad looking at the makeup dada, they are always in PPE. The crew is smaller now,” he says. 

While the lockdown was not easy for anyone, Abhinandan made sure to be productive in it. “Meditation is one thing which I learned during that time and I am doing a lot of it. We all have learned the value of life. We are all valuing nature more now. And we should continue to do that,” he says. 

Actor Abhinandan Jindal raises concerns about new norms:

Actor Abhinandan Jindal raises concerns on Makeup-Dada & Crew always wearing PPE kits

The actor has been seen in shows such as Thapki Pyar ki and Krishna Chali London and says that he is on the lookout for interesting characters. “I want to take up a character which has depth and intensity. Yes, there are fewer roles in that genre but if I get my kind of role, I can be really good,” he says, adding, “I want to get the lead role on a TV show where I can portray different shades. Even if I don’t do that, I should play maybe a split-personality, you know something with a positive and negative shade. A type of role where my performance can be judged. For me, acting is not only about delivering your dialogues. It’s much more than that.”  

While he works hard, Abhinandan says that he likes to unwind after a long day. “Going on a long drive is my favorite pastime. I also love to travel alone a lot. Spending time with myself is my favorite thing to do,” he says. So, this was all about actor Abhinandan Jindal raises concerns about the crew on sets. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.