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Bollywood LifestyleAashiqui actor Anu Aggarwal opens up on World Suicide Prevention Day

Aashiqui actor Anu Aggarwal opens up on World Suicide Prevention Day

The blockbuster Indian film Aashiqui enthralled the audience with its amazing storyline. The film gave huge fame and success to the actor Anu Aggarwal. Now, as the world acknowledges World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September Anu Aggarwal creates awareness to prevent suicides.  

Talking about World Suicide Prevention Day, Anu says, “’Creating hope through action’ is the triennial theme for World Suicide Day 2022. I feel suicide is not a getaway from the problems of life. It is cowardice as each life is a gift and needs to be honoured. I have seen gratitude for what you have is a huge help in times when you think you don’t have anything. I decided to create awareness of this fact while raising inner joy in people to prevent them from taking their lives. That’s how Anufun (her foundation) came about.”

Actor Anu Aggarwal:

Aashiqui actor Anu Aggarwal opens up on World Suicide Prevention Day

An estimated 703,000 people a year take their life around the world, any shares fact before adding, “For every suicide, there are likely 20 other people making a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide. Millions of people suffer intense grief or are otherwise profoundly impacted by suicidal behaviours,” she adds.

Anu Aggarwal shares her thoughts on the importance of the day and personal experiences. The pace of life has become super-fast in terms of careers, especially in the metro cities. Also, in the entertainment industry, suicide is becoming a common issue. The Bollywood star turned yoga expert also addresses these concerns. 

So, this was all about the actor Anu Aggarwal. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood Entertainment News. 

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