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Gossip & NewsAarvika Gupta's new venture 'Selfmade' is for all those who dare to...

Aarvika Gupta’s new venture ‘Selfmade’ is for all those who dare to dream

Aarvika Gupta along with some of her friends from the industry has made a video titled “Selfmade“. Aarvika Gupta’s new venture ‘Selfmade‘ is all for the people who dare to dream. The actress thanked her brothers Ayush Gupta and Prajwal Gupta for encouraging her to make this video and said that it is dedicated to all those who dream big and work every day to achieve that dream.  

The video features Reiki healer and tarot card reader Ayush Gupta, singer and composer Krishna Beuraa, actress Adhvithi Shetty, director Saumitra Singh, RJ Karan, RJ Ishaan, and actors Rajat Arora and Agast Annand. Talking about the video, she said, “It’s because of my brothers Ayush and Prajwal that I was able to make this video. It is for all those who have big dreams, and they work every day towards making it true. It’s for all those who fall and stand up on their own, and still make their dream come true.” 

Aarvika Gupta’s new venture ‘Selfmade’:

Aarvika Gupta's new venture 'Selfmade' is for all those who dare to dream

Through her video, the “Tera Kya Hoga Alia” actress wants to encourage aspiring actors. And said, “People should keep trying, they shouldn’t opt for shortcuts. A link or a contact can help you once, but you should not be dependent on that. Selfmade means to be who you want to be the way you want to be. Just be yourself and prove yourself.” 

She admits that nepotism is not just prevalent in Bollywood, it’s everywhere, and added, “At the end of the day only your skill and your experience matters. You need to be passionate about your work. Also, if you don’t have anyone to encourage you or motivate you, be your motivator.” Aarvika has penned the beautiful lines herself and says it’s for all those who never give up in any situation.  

“These lines are not just for successful people. It’s for all those who don’t give up on their dreams and continue working on their passion. For me, they all are self-made. From a politician to a housewife, my video is for all those who think they are capable enough of doing anything and prove themselves,” she concluded. 

So, this was all about actress Aarvika Gupta’s new venture ‘Selfmade‘. Tell us about your thoughts through the comments below. Keep a watch on Bollywood Hush for more latest news and updates.