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MoviesA.R. Rahman's 'Jwalamukhi' out from 99 songs

A.R. Rahman’s ‘Jwalamukhi’ out from 99 songs

99 songs is a Hindi-musical romance film starring Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas who will be debuting through this film, directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, except for the debutant actors A.R. Rehman will be debuting as a writer and producer alongside he has also composed the original score and songs, for the film. 

The storyline is sensual and artistic cantered around the protagonist who is a struggling singer that dreams to become a successful music composer. 

The fans are excited about the movie release as we all love the legendary A.R. Rehman’s music and it will be euphonic to see a movie made by him, A.R. Rehman took it to his twitter for the release one of the songs from the movie Jwalamukhi. 

Hear the fascinating song below: 

The song is touching yet invigorated, composed by A.R. Rehman, sung by Arijit Singh, and lyrics by Navneet Virk.  

Tell us in the comments about how did you like the song.